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Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb
Price: ₹ 18.95383 - 25.5391 lakhs
Ex-showroom, New Delhi
image image image image image 3.8/5 based on 8 reviews

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Variants Ex-showroom Price (Rs.)
1968cc, Desiel Automatic 17.2 Kpl
2307380 lakhs *
1968cc, Desiel Automatic 17.2 Kpl
2509300 lakhs *
1798cc, Petrol Manual 13.1 Kpl
1862276 lakhs *
1798cc, Petrol Manual 13.1 Kpl
2066000 lakhs *
1798cc, Petrol Automatic 13.7 Kpl
2223400 lakhs *

Skoda Superb Review

Skoda Superb is defined as, the perfect action/ uniting process of the features like design, performance, luxury and safety. This model is thoughtfully conceptualized, designed in a way as it resembles in unique fashion.


On Highways, the petrol engine gives the mileage say 9.8kpl in city, 14kpl on highways. As the manual variant gives 13.1 kmpl mileage where as the automatic transmission gives 13.7 kmpl mileage.


Dual tone onyx- Ivory interiors are made available here and can accommodate 5 passengers. Leather seats are stretched laterally and these are designed with the high quality and the arrangement seems broader too.


Once if the end user reviews the complete exterior details of this model i.e. there is availability of the chrome which is been plated with finned grille. Skoda badge seems round in shape and the middle of chrome band could be seen just above the grille.

Engine Performance

The six speed manual gearbox churns out the peak power say 118 Kw @ 4500-6200 rpm and a peak torque : 250 Nm @ 1500-4500 rpm , offers the displacement say around 1798 cc.


Dual Rate system have been assisted by the hydraulic dual-diagonal circuit. 


Skoda Superb Ambition 1.8 MT is free from safety features like: cruise control, ESP, front parking sensors etc. Bi-Xenon headlights along with the dynamic level can ensure the safety features.

Pros & Cons


Smooth and Glossy can be seen for overall line and structure of body. Presence of the safety features here seems abundant.


There is no point of GPS navigation system. 



Vehicle Colors

  • Rosso Brunello...
  • Amethyst Royal...
  • Candy White...
  • Magic Black...
  • Brilliant Silver...
  • Magnetic Brown...
  • Lava Blue...
  • Metal Grey...


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