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First Drive of Fiat Avventura


While the cross variants mainly depends on the regular hatchbacks, it is also essential that they look the part. India always has robust rapport towards SUV’s because of the size and bumpy appearance. In flesh, Avventura appears brilliant and the Punto is already attractive in appearance and Fiat have done admirable job of adding more grumble to it. The first thing to be noticed is its taller stance and has a ground clearance of 195mm; Avventura jacked up to an even higher 205mm.




At the front, the lower end of bumper is redesigned due to the full body cladding. Three meshed slats along with a faux skid plate offer Avventura chin-up brawny appearance. On the side cladding continues in addition to chunky door strip with “Avventura” carved on it that looks quite good.

The major change can be witnessed when we get to it. Avventura’s spare wheel is mounted on tail gate that really provides the SUV with good look. The spare wheels also have a really smart looking wheel cover that merges brilliantly with the overall design. The tail lights get a clear lens effect that appears quite smart and faux skid plate at rear completes which is clearly a fantastic car.


Coming to the interiors, Avventura unveils few different bits. For the beginners it is offered with new dual tone fabrics on seats that appear quite impressive. The dash is offered with two tone shades which is an integration of grey and black. Audio system is similar to the Punto Evo, but just above aircon vents there are some interesting dials. It is offered with a compass with pitch and roll dials also that display angle of incline and the approach angles.




The dynamic variant is offered with manual aircon vents but with rubberised dials that enhance sturdy look. Emotion variant has climate control and steering mounted controls which is not available in the lower variants. There are no modifications in space and Avventura is spacious as its standard sibling. Emotion variant has a rear aircon vent that obstructs the middle passenger to the modest bit. The clutch pedal and dead pedal have barely any space between them as a result foot hits the dead pedal during the frequent clutch engagement that is very annoying.

Engine and Performance:

Avventura’s engine specifications remained unchanged and it is offered with 1.2 litre FIRE mill. The car is powered with 1.4 litre FIRE petrol engine and the 1.3 litre 90 PS Multijet diesel engine. The 1368 cc mill produces out 90 PS at 6000 rpm and modest 115 Nm at 4500 rpm. The diesel is the same diverse 1.3 litre Multijet unit that power a number of non-fiat cars in addition. 90 PS of power and 209 Nm of torque to utilise, diesel is easier to drive because of the torque. But on the highways, the mill begins to feel strained from the moment you start to push it.




Ride and Handling:

Ride and handling in one department where FIAT is excellent like none others. With Avventura, Fiat ensured that the modifications are more than the skin deep. Enhanced ground clearance @ 205mm and the large 16 inch wheels are always ready to consider whatever potholes are roads chuck at it. Steering feels a bit heavy in diesel but both provide a lot of feel and are very well weighted. We can safely state that Avventura is benchmark when it comes to integration of ride and handling. The straight stability is very good with the Fiat handles the good and it also handles the bad.

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