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Articulated Trucks Features

Articulated Truck is a vehicle that possesses a permanent or semi-permanent pivoting joint in its construction and it allows the vehicle to turn more sharply. Any vehicle that tows a trailer could be described as “articulated”. Volvo features seven models and posses the capacity range from 26.5 tons to 43 tons.


There are different models like A25F, A25G, A30G, A30F, A35F, A35G, A40G, A40F, A40F FS, and A40G FS.


Automatic Traction Control:

Volvo’s articulated truck Automatic Traction Control opts fuel-saving 6x4 drive and only has 6x6 drive when operating conditions call for it. Advantages of ATC are engine protected against unnecessary damage, reduced fuel use and tire wire, reduced operating costs and improved profitability.

Hauler Chassis:

Hauler Chassis offers you customized solutions for the requirements of transport needs. It is a part of modular systems and forms platform for superstructures, converts the machine into special purpose vehicle designed for specific requirement across difficult terrain in toughest operating conditions. The top benefits of Hauler Chassis includes Solutions for all superstructures, Hauler chassis transport solutions, web-based body build portal, customize optional features to suit your requirement, bolt-on rear frame extensions.

Brakes and Axles:

With brakes strong enough to stop fully loaded hauler from 25 mph in one truck length, Volvo F-series articulated truck provides an outstanding performance to stop precision.



Safety handrails keep 3-point contact, angled ladders and self cleaning platforms make entry and exit from high strength steel cab simple and secured. In order to ensure the safety it is offered with dual circuit brakes, two intelligent sensor systems provides operator feedback when the system crashes and secondary system.

Productive Comfort:

It is offered with a quite spacious cab made of high strength steel and is easy to enter and exit because of wide door opening and the placing of anti-slip steps. It also includes the low decibel levels and minimized motion in various work situations. Adjustable armrests, air cushioning, fully adjustable operator’s seat and telescopic or tilt steering wheel are placed directly above front axle at the hub of the cab.


Contronic System protects machine by monitoring oil and fluid levels, manual level checks are not required because the operators find it easy to navigate the functions. It also features an advanced type of maintenance free bearings.

Innovative Articulated Truck Hydraulics:

Load-sensing hydraulics automatically adjusts flow and pressure, lowers fuel consumption and ensures engine power is consumed if necessary. The components include engine dependent, load sensing variable displacement piston pumps in closed center system produce required volume and also pressure to steering, tipping and also cooling when required.

It includes the valuable advantages like high performance, flow and pressure that can be adjusted automatically, fuel efficient engine power, highly quality components, increased productivity, lower operating costs and variable piston pumps.

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