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Komatsu America Corporation introduces New Articulated Truck

Komatsu America Corporation launches HM400-3 articulated truck. HM400-3 is powered by Komatsu SAA6D 140E-6 engine. It is offered with the horsepower of 469 hp; it has EPA Tier 4 Interim and the EU stage 3B emissions certified. Komatsu leveraged its best in class technology and is futuristically built on the proven Tier-3 engine platform in order to design more ecological friendly that enhances the power and reduces the consumption of fuel.



  • HM400-3 has a peak Gross Vehicle Weight of 1,62,569 lbs, towing up to 44.1 US ton payload at the peak ground speed of 34.7 mph.
  • It is offered with the features like lower fuel consumption, enhanced operating performance, improved serviceability and enhanced operator comfort.
  • These features are provided to enhance the production and lower the operating costs.
  • HM400-3 is enclosed with the advanced KOMTRAX technology, it transfers the operating data in order to protect website using wireless technology.
  • Data like machine utilization, operating hours, daily fuel consumption, location, operating hours and the maintenance alerts are transferred to web applications for analysis.
  • KOMTRAX fleet monitoring system enhances the availability of the machine, permits remote diagnosis by distributor, reduces the possibility of the machine theft and offers a wealth of other data to drive the efficiency of business and productivity.

Special Features:

EPA Tier-4 Interim and EU Stage 3B Emissions Certified Engine:

  • It’s built on proven Tier 3 technology; SAA6D140E-6 engine offers enhanced horsepower and lowers fuel utilisation.
  • Komatsu Tier 4 Interim engine is offered a sophisticated electronic control system to handle fuel injection, combustion parameters, airflow rate that is subsequent to the treatment of the functions in order to improve performance, lessens emissions and offers advanced diagnostic capability.

Enhanced Operation:

  • HM 400-3 has new Komatsu Traction Control System and it automatically offers operating traction while operating in the soft ground conditions.
  • As the conditions of ground worsen, speed sensors placed on four wheels recognise tire slippage, automatic application of inter axle differential lock occurs.
  • It is improved with Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System and this provides a 6 speed, fully automatic transmission that utilises an advanced electronic system to obliterate shift shock and torque cut-off to help operator to handle the engine in most efficient manner.

Improved Operator Environment:

  • New cab design offers more comfortable and quieter work environment. The FOPS/ ROPS level 2 certified cabs have a newly crafted rounded front dash panel that is easy to reach the switches.
  • The dashboard is revised and high back, heated air ride seat along with three point seat belts, is repositioned to enhance visibility.
  • The new high resolution 7 inch LCD monitor has improved capabilities and also displays the information in 25 languages for the support globally.
  • It also provides the operator the option to utilise the ECO guidance function that offers operational records like fuel consumption or driving history.

Increased Payloads:

  • The HM400-3 has enhanced payload and body capacity.
  • The low 10’5’’ loads height easily that matches in the range of 40 ton- 60 ton hydraulic excavators or 5.5 yd3 to 7.5 yd3 wheel loaders.
  • In addition it is offered with the two single staged body lift cylinders that offer a 70 degree dump angle.


Maintenance and Serviceability:

  • In order to decrease the cost, HM400-3 offers easy service access; the new model is offered with a newly crafted engine hood for good access and the two standards hydraulically drive auto-reversing fans to append for maintaining charge air cooler and radiator clean.
  • Truck is enclosed with exclusive Komatsu Equipment Management Monitoring System to facilitate improved diagnostic features that provide the operator and the technicians to monitor to a great extent in addition to the capabilities of troubleshooting.
  • It monitors all critical systems, preventive maintenance schedule and offers troubleshooting assistance to reduce diagnosis and the repair time.


Articulated Dump Trucks:

With the powerful Komatsu engines, exceptional strength, state of the art design.

Dump Trucks are available in articulated or rigid version.

They ensure complete driving safety, even at the high speeds.

The transmission system and chassis to axles as well as suspension along with all the parts crafted in order to operate gruelling daily stresses to the peak reliability.

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