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Types of Excavators - Construction Equipment Vechicle

The excavators are designed to be the most trusted excavating partner and ones edge in industry. They will get an individual more with the best performance, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort.

Compact Excavators:

  • The machines might be compactable but they are big on its features, reliability and protective.
  • It is offered with an outstanding visibility; the operator comfort is integrated with efficient a Volvo mills that is equivalent to the enhanced productivity.
  • They offer simple and progressive movements due to the presence of the levers and the travel pedals which are operated by the hydraulic servo controls.

Crawler Excavators:

  • The crawler Excavators are featured with a well designed undercarriage, superstructure and strengthened arm.
  • These machines are very efficient, substantial and safe.
  • An easy to red colour LCD display, joystick, multi-adjustable seat, rear view camera will maintain the operator informed, cosy and also in control.
  • The elevated breakout and crowding power is reinforced by the highly developed hydraulic system that allows sleek and responsive lifting and digging.

Wheeled Excavators:

  • The wheeled Excavators can be used to operate everything from general construction to the utility work.
  • It is provided with a great speed and comfortable ride that makes them very efficient, while load sensing hydraulics.
  • The high torque swing engine makes faster cycle time.
  • The external sound levels are being decreased, 95% machine recyclability and acceptable operating weight for the utilisation on the roads that make the vehicle flexible as well as responsible.

Compact Excavators Used for multi-tasks:

The high level technology produces exceptional performance in small package; the bar is raised for the compact excavators. All the machines come with the productivity features that an individual will expect to have in the full-size excavators. The outcome is very powerful.

Volvo Compact Excavators delivers an outstanding performance due to following:

  • The availability of the short swing radius models
  • It includes a list of safety features that include canopy units and safety certified cab.
  • It has a wide variety of attachments for effectively immense versatility
  • Dual speeds for increasing power and high speed

Volvo Crawler Excavators: We have exact machine your task

  • Excavators are always ready to aid for digging and reach the new levels with the efficiency of the excavating equipment.
  • Its hydraulic excavator performance can be based on for quarrying, road building, general construction etc.
  • Each crawler excavator model is crafted and built in order to produce long-lasting performance, leading fuel efficiency and great strength.

The most important features of Crawler Excavators:

  • The Volvo mill is dependable and produces great torque at low revs for the best fuel economy.
  • Easy access serviceability from the grouped filters and big compartment doors for greater safety.
  • Smooth movements and great controllability through smart and responsive hydraulic system along with the prioritised functions.
  • Volvo Care Cab provides very spacious workspace with all-around visibility offers great comfort, safety and enhance the productivity.

Volvo Wheeled Excavators: Highly productive, mobile and adaptable:

The highly adaptable machines provide the bucket, digging performance and attachment that you require, along with high travel speeds and a smooth ride.

The most important features of Volvo Wheeled Excavators:

  • Smart hydraulic system allows high responsiveness, handling and smooth movements along with the prioritised functions.
  • Volvo fuel efficient Tier 4 interim mill and well matched parts to produce a maximum power and low emission environmental care.
  • Care Track telematics, include standard equipment that aids to save fuel, cost reduction and also maximises profitability.
  • Quick and Easy Serviceability produces more uptime and enhanced safety by the grouped filters and big compartment doors.

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