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Price: ₹ 1.94409 - 2.58106 lakhs
Ex-showroom, New Delhi
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Variants Ex-showroom Price (Rs.)
624cc, Petrol Manual 25.4 Kpl
1,94,409 lakhs *
624cc, Petrol Manual 25.4 Kpl
2,18,909 lakhs *
624cc, Petrol Manual 25.4 Kpl
231506 lakhs *
624cc, CNG Manual 36.0 Kpl
233275 lakhs *
624cc, CNG Manual 36.0 Kpl
258106 lakhs *
624cc, CNG Manual 36.0 Kpl
233275 lakhs *

Tata NANO Review

Each and Every common person in India can buy Tata Nano car because of its availablity to all the sectors of the people.It is launched in the year 2009. In 2013 Tata Nano have come up with its new brand "Avatar".

The engine of this model can blend out 37.5bhp instead of 34.5bhp. And one can notice that the force output has been improved to 51Nm from 48Nm. It also ensures low carbon-dioxide emission. 

This new CNG version produces the power say about 32bhp when compared with 37.5bhp in case of petrol version and turning force is 45Nm when compared with 51Nm petrol version. This company offers a 4 year/60,000km warranty.


The 2013 version of Tata Nano car delivers 25.35kmpl  when compared with other previous versions say 23.6kmpl mileage. The fuel storage capacity of this Tata Nano car yields 15 litres. There is Improvement in torque i.e. 3Nm 


The  interior spacing which is been provided in this model is vast with a headroom and shoulder-room space. It can accomodate uptill 5 passengers.


The exterior design of the Tata Nano car seems lucrative. Overall length is 3099mm and the width is 1495mm. The height is 1652mm and it's roomy wheelbase is about 2230mm and ground clearance is 180mm which helps to drive the car even on uneven roads. 

Engine Performance

The Tata Nano car possess small sized engine and the performance it delivers is 100kmph speed for about 29.7 seconds with an engine of 624cc . It is considered to be as the fuel efficient.

The CNG version hence produces 32bhp @ 5500rpm and yields a maximum torque say 45Nm @ 3500rpm. This version seems less powerful when compared to petrol version.


It is easy to handle this car. It is light weight when compared to other cars. It provides great experience in handling and driving the car. 


Some of the safety features which ever included in this model are central locking, door lock for driver and passenger’s side, front and rear seat belts and so on.

Pros & Cons

Pros :

In case of small family it is an ideal vehicle, Fuel efficiency of this model is perfect 


Engine Performance can be improvized. 


Vehicle Colors

  • Mojito Green...
  • Pearl White...
  • Damson Purple...
  • Dazzle Blue...
  • Rouge Red...
  • Meteor Silver...
  • Royal Gold<...
  • Cornflower Blue...
  • Serene White...
  • Papaya Orange...


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