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Terms and conditions

We hope you do have such a great experience making using of our site and even find it meaningful with precious time.
The information that whatever been provided on this web site includes any of the harmful information , or else limit their services to and they does not render any of the advices, guarantees or else the warranties on the Content relating them to the services, which ever made available on this Site.
Terms of Use
The use of this Site and their Content contained herein are governed by the following Terms of Use ("Agreement").
a. Their purpose
b. carsbell will hence provide the services to the following like:
1. Research cars
2. Prices
3. Technical Specifications
4. Other car attributes.
2. Definitions
It’s been hence defined as the "Feature" that whichever includes any of the interactive or else the value addition services which ever been introduced on the Site.
carsbell or any of its associates or else the employees shall not be responsible for any of the loss or else the damage that which may be caused by the persons.
4. Your Conduct
You expressly agree that you do not use the Site to harm any of the user in any of the manner either in direct way or else in indirect way.
5. Links to Other Websites
And you can observe that there might be different sites where you may have certain hyperlinks to the websites which ever been operated by the parties other than the carsbell.
6. Websites Intellectual Property
What ever the texts, graphics, design etc on the Site are the copyrighted works of carsbell unless otherwise indicated clearly.
7. License and Site Access
carsbell helps one to Grant one the "limited non-exclusive license" to access the information and make personal use of their Sites for complete informational purpose.
8. Modifications on the Site
It helps one to reserve the right to modify or else even to discontinue any of the particular section, or else the service at any point of time even sometimes with out any intimation.
9. Selling
For making the successful fulfilment of sales one has to maintain and manage the listing of cars.
10. Login Options
carsbell reserves the right to possess any of the measures which are necessary enough to prevent the access of any of the portion of the content or else to terminate the access to the site .
11. Disclaimer
carsbell makes no point of warranties or else the representations as to the contents described for this site.
12. Limitation of Liability
Neither carsbell nor its affiliates, employees, agents shall in any event be responsible for any of the indirect or else consequential damages thus done.
13. Indemnity
You agree to indemnify and hold carsbell and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers,agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand.
14. Acknowledgment
The disclaimer and the limited liability of carsbell have been set out with respect to the agreement or else the fundamental elements of the basis.
15. ISpecial Admonitions For Interational Use
Recognizing of that of the actual global nature- Internet, when and where you agree with all the local rules regarding their online conduct.

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